Concrete Letter Box Columns

As clients look to increase their home’s curb appeal, they often overlook transforming the mundane mailbox. Considering a home’s curb appeal encompasses everything from the sidewalk to the front door, a monument mailbox can quickly and easily make a big impact in improving a home’s first impression.

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Product Details:

Concrete Letter Box Columns are a modular system of prefabricated hollow concrete blocks with natural Schist Clad Individual glued to the outside face to recreate that timeless look of old-world stone masonry.

The Castle letterbox has been designed to recreate the look of hand-cut stone and is contrasted with bold contemporary lockable metal Letterbox inserts.

Enhance the look of your Castle concrete sleeper wall with Royals and Co’s new concrete letterbox range. Your letterbox can become a statement piece to the entrance of your home!

Individual Column Blox modules are 450 x 450mm square x 300mm high and can be stacked to form columns/pillars, fence posts, and, with the addition of a matching Letter Blox unit, a stunning natural stone letterbox. All this at a fraction of the cost in time, money, and hassle, compared to more traditional methods.

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