Rock Face Wall Caps

Our Rock Face caps ( also named as stone caps, wall caps, wall top stone, pillar caps, column caps, pillar top, column top, chiseled edges) come with a split face and back. You can easily pair this product with our wall caps and step treads, as they have the same chiseled look and are available in matching colors. The light-top column caps also have a pre-drilled knock-out, so they’re ready to be installed with fixtures.

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Product Details:

Many companies rename the stones with their own special names. Please contact us if you do not see the material you want.

Size & Design & Package information

ITEM No. Size & Design Pieces/M2 per crate Weight per Crate Crate Size
LSCXXX 30X60X4CM 50pcs/9M2 1000kgs 110x110x50cm



  • All types of Natural Stone, Tile, and pavers are the product of nature and are therefore subject to the natural variation of color, shading, veins, markings, and texture from piece to piece.
  • Please do not rely on these images before your order. Pictures do not necessarily depict accurate shading and variation of the whole lot.
  • We recommend you contact us for the current lot pictures of the product.

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